Arts and Healing

My guiding principle is to cultivate wakefulness, clarity and spaciousness. The healing and visual artist accesses, nurtures, and abides in this state of unconditional presence. From integration of body, mind, heart, and spirit arises warmth and compassion. When I paint, I experience things, as they are free from projections and conceptualizations.

Our culture relentlessly pressures us to sacrifice contemplation, reflection, deep thinking, and wisdom for speed, efficiency, and busyness; the effects of disintegration and destabilization pervade our inner and outer worlds.

To the extent that a work of art invokes an experience of unconditional presence and integration in the perceiver is the extent to which the work fulfills a healing function. Having these invitations to slow down and return to our native intelligence appear in our daily lives is not only enriching and helpful but life saving.

I have been actively involved in the healing arts for 30 years. Presently I practice Integrative Neuromuscular therapy and Craniosacral therapy. The healing intention is to restore balance and equilibrium to the soft tissues and fluids of the body allowing it to re-ignite its self-regulating systems. Walking past a life drawing class in my early college days sparked my interest in the human body. It fascinated me to see the human form revered and honored. This inspired me to major in Art and figure drawing became a specialty. Little did I know in 1971 that today I would be doing bodywork therapy delving into the minutiae of anatomy and physiology.

Music is another passion in my life. I have played wind instruments since age 7. These include, Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone, Silver (western ) Flute, Bansuri (east Indian Flute), Shakuhachi ( Japanese Flute), and Huaca (Incan triple-chambered Flute). Presently I am deepening my skill with Huaca and Shakuhachi which I have played for 37 years.

The primary root practices of my life, Tibetan Buddhism, healing and visual arts, share the same intention to promote and restore balance, healing, and integration of body, mind, heart, and spirit.